Who we are

Lagoonoperating Lab is the union of three camera operators with an unique passion for gimbals and their endless possibilities in the filmmaking process.
Based in Madrid, this project is born from the enthusiasm of bringing to the table the wide range of solutionsgimbals can offer in all their different configurations. It is  a very versatil tool when designing and achieving a shot.
Equipped with the best and latest gear, we spare no effort to be fast, reliable and efficient. Grip department is our best ally to accomplish this goal.
Our passion? If the camera needs to be move, we'll help you to do it without limitations!!!


Diego Suarez

Russian Arm, Wheels, Joystick Segway, Drone

Carlos Guijarro

Wheels, Joystick, Segway, Drone


Laurent Poulain

Gimbal, Wheels, Segway, Drone, Roller













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